sustainability & environmental commitment

The company assures its commitment to the environment by incorporating sustainable actions into its supply, production and operational activities.

Silver Food is a major player in the fish canning in Morocco, obtained on the 18th of July 2014, the ISO 14001 certification on environmental protection. 

Silver Food has a robust integrated quality management program encompassing the highest environmental and ethical standards. It is one of the first fish canneries in Morocco to have implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) and to have been certified ISO 14001 (the first in the region of Casablanca).

Indeed, Silver Food initiated 2 years ago an environmental dynamics for the control and reduction of the impact on the environment of its activities, services and products. This began with the adoption by the Senior Management of a company’s environmental policy that formalizes its commitment to implement all the material and human resources necessary to achieve the objectives, and in full respect of the applicable regulations.

In this context, Silver Food has taken actions for the protection of the environment and preservation of natural resources:

  • The improvement of the performance of the wastewater treatment plant, which allows for treated waters to be generated in accordance with the applicable standards.
  • The implementation of an internal system of solid waste management for the collection and sorting for recycling and recovery in approved channels.
  • The internal generation of its fish waste into fish oil and fishmeal (products approved for the export to the European Union).
  • The continuous awareness and training of all employees to environmentally friendly practices.
  • Optimizing water and energy through a continuous improvement program.
  • The establishment of a system of prevention and response in case of emergency (fire, product spill, etc.).

The management system of Silver Food Environment is part of a sustainable approach through periodic evaluations and continuous improvement of its performance.

The certification was issued on June 18th, 2014 by the SGS body(Société Générale de Surveillance), one of the world's leaders in inspection, verification, analysis and certification.