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Silver Food is one of the largest fish canneries in Morocco that specializes in canning of sardines, mackerel and tuna.

Silver Food manufactures, packages and distributes its products in accordance with the highest international quality standards.

Today, it stands out as a new generation plant and is positioned among the leaders in the fish canning industry segment. The environment, health and safety form an integral part of the Silver Food commitment to a sustainable development approach through which it aims to adhere to a policy that is based on:

  • compliance with regulatory, legislative and best in industry requirements ;
  • providing our customers with healthy, traceable and monitored products from the receipt of the raw materials to the shipment of finished products with a continuous focus on the requirements in the specification;
  • the assurance of a regular and transparent communication with clients, collaborating partners and stakeholders;

These initiatives allow Silver Food to position its business within a customer satisfaction perspective, which represents for the group the motivation of a systematic research of products, services and organizational improvements, within a full compliance with legal requirements, applicable standards and, more specifically, standards to which it has subscribed.